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How much will the carriage cost ?

The cost is $5 / £3.50/ €6 per item ie per item code. I spell this out clearly because i have had the odd occasion whereas someone thought the carriage cost was per single CD! Of course it is per set. All parcels are sent by Royal Air Mail  or Ist class Royal Mail for UK orders.

Please note the base charge is $6.50 as mentioned . The 2 other currencies are converted from this base charge in the $ currency at the time of order. Therfore there will be a slight difference in the / £5 / €6 per item pricing. In fact if it remained stable as of this time of writing you would pay a little less than quoted but of course it can fluctuate  though thankfully not too much!

If I order over a certain amount can i have the carriage discounted?

 AT the moment yes we will give free carraige to all orders over $149  ( 114GBP  /  129 Euro  )



Please see above ...and please note the following ....

As well as the carriage costs there is a handling charge to place the item in its packaging and to process the dispatching of the item. We have endeavored to keep the carriage costs down as low as we can.




We will endeavor to post off within 7 days of receiving your order. It is then normally a maximum of from day of posting  14 days for delivery to overseas addresses from the time of posting ( This is a maximum and normally it should be quicker)