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Our Guarantee



Your security and care of your information is very important

What do we do to take care of your security in our store?

1: Recording details

— Essential information. We only take from you details that are essential for the business.For example; your telephone number means that we can call you when there is a query with your order.

Any information that is not essential for us is left to your discretion but all details are protected very carefully.

2: Where are my details kept?

 Our database is managed by Corecommerce on their servers - They created the software behind this website and shopping cart and they have a solid reputation for strict security. No card details are ever kept. 

Never is any information passed to anyone else and never is it stored on discs USB keys or laptops that can be stolen. The information is protected behind firewalls with password security.

3: Is there a problem with the e-mails you send me?

We send you confirmation e-mails to communicate the status and progress on your order.

The only information included is either very easily obtainable (such as the electoral roll) plus the order number. None of this is enough for a rogue to use for criminal reasons or identity theft.

4: How safe is payment?

We are now using probably the most secure company for online payments on the planet - PAYPAL.

PayPal handles all our payments - not just PayPal accounts. This means it may appear your card is being managed by us , yet your order is being processed by PAYPAL Pro  in the background using our pages making the whole process safer faster and easier. This also means that no human actually reads or holds your card details. 


How much will the carriage cost ?

The cost is $4 / £3.15 / €3.64 per item ie per item code. I spell this out clearly because i have had the odd occasion whereas someone thought the carriage cost was per single CD! Of course it is per set. All parcels are sent by Royal Air Mail  or Ist class Royal Mail for UK orders

If I order over a certain amount can i have the carriage discounted?

 AT the moment yes we will give free carraige to all orders over $110  ( 65 GBP  /  82 Euro  )


Please see above ...and please note the following ....

As well as the carriage costs there is a handling charge to place the item in its packaging and to process the dispatching of the item. We have used a fulfillment company for the dispatching and dealing with the orders for some time now. It has freed me up to for example to design this site, but of course the fulfillment company charges for its services. Indeed we have endeavored to keep the carriage costs down as low as we can.


We will endeavour to post off within 4 working days your order up to a maximum of 7 days . It will leave by Royal Mail or by Royal Air Mail (for overseas orders). Please do allow up to 14 days for delivery to overseas addresses from the time of posting ( This is a maximum and normally it should be much quicker) UK post office delivery times are  within 3 days from day of posting.



If you are not happy with your order or you have ordered in error please contact us as soon as possible. We will give a 30 day period from the date of purchase for you to contact us if you wish to request a return. As our customers know we operate on a shoe string and therefore all we would ask is please do make any pre sale inquiries you wish. In this way we can possibly iron out any possible hiccups before they occur. But the important thing is we are here to serve and do please feel secure in the knowledge that we do offer a no quibble full refund guarantee. Please note that the items must be returned in as good a condition as sold and that we will not be able to refund the carriage costs.

Thank you for your trust and understanding

PS Please do visit our other pages including FAQ and About Us if you have any questions . You can also contact us and we will be more than happy to help.